Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bye Bye Booby

I saw a women breastfeeding her toddler on the bus the other day and I couldn't help but chuckle. I was sitting behind her and could see her little one's feet kicking with an an occasional peek over mom's shoulder. It reminded me of my littlest girl who weaned herself a few months ago, just before her 2nd birthday. My first daughter weaned herself at 9 months so I was unprepared for the antics of a breastfeeding toddler. She would wake up early and would snuggle into bed with us for her morning nurse. This was the cuddly, quiet time I loved and now miss. The gymnastics she did while nursing before her nap I admit would get tiresome some days. And then there was her refusal to nurse from one breast (which left me lopsided for months!) Nursing was also something she did for security when she was in a unfamiliar situation. OK, so I admit it, when she first said 'booby' I thought it was cute. Later when she would yell 'booby' (and she is a loud little gal) and put her hand down my top in crowded places, not so much. All in all I feel so lucky to be able to have breastfed both my girls and will miss the closeness of it. Enjoy it while you can because as they say, those first few years sure do pass quickly.

If you need help breastfeeding or would like to get involved helping others:

La Leche League
BC Women's Hospital
Infact (Infant Feeding Action Coalition) Canada
UBC Breastfeeding Clinic
Quintessence Foundation

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Our Banana Moments said...

I can imagine your terror when your little one yelled booby in public. Once, my then 5 y/o, told the pediatrician that his vertigo was killing him. He was so sincere about what he was saying that I was embarrased.