Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Having trouble keeping those lofty resolutions so earnestly penned a few weeks ago? Why not try a small, easy, but make-a-difference eco-resolution? You will feel like you have made a positive change even if your original 'better you' resolutions have fallen by the wayside. Let's start with those paper cups. If Santa did not bring you a travel mug for your coffee or tea habit, it's time to invest in one! True confessions - I have a chai latte (latte-da, as my dad calls them), habit. I made the resolution last year that if I did not bring my own cup -no latte. It worked! I bring my fancy ceramic travel mug every time. Now imagine how many paper cups & plastic caps would be saved if everyone did that! Most people have given up their plastic shopping bag habit, now it's time to ditch those cups. It is much nicer to drink from ceramic or stainless steel cups than a plastic or wax lined paper cup anyway! It keeps your drink hotter longer too. Or better yet, order 'for here', sit down, relax & enjoy your favorite drink. Now there's a resolution!

Some other ideas are:
-rechargeable batteries
-cloth diapers - easier than you think! 
-cloth produce bags
-give used clothing to local charities
-post unwanted household items on Vancouver Reuses Exchange. This is also a great source if you are   looking for something. Why not get it for free or low cost?!
-keep a small towel in your bag for drying hands when you are out instead of using paper towels (but remember to wash it often!) 

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