Thursday, February 17, 2011

Big Kid Bed

My 2 year old has successfully made the transition from crib to 'big kid bed', but not without a few 'wrinkles'!

When my older daughter was 2 1/2, we bought a twin bed from what was then a local (BC) manufacturer with the idea that if we did have another child, we could buy another and make bunk beds. Well 5 years later our younger girl turned 2, the room was getting crowded with the growing girls and it was time to make the move to bunk beds. With a roomful of partially constructed beds, we came to the realization the new and old beds do not fit together. Arrgh! We found out the beds are no longer made in BC but are now made in China so we ended up having to buy two new beds but that's another story.....

Both girls were excited about the bunk beds. My 5 1/2yo was excited and a bit nervous to be in the 'way up high' bed as the 2 yo calls it. Now she loves having a place where she can go and little sister cannot follow. My 2 yo said 'bunk bed' to everyone she met for a week.  The first night in her 'big girl bed', I found her under the bed on the duvet I laid on the floor in case she fell out (this bed did not have a guard rail but is not that high off the ground). When I asked what she was doing under there she replyed "I no know" - very cute. We got her back into bed and all was fine. She did fall out once since then which I think startled her more than anything. We had a cuddle and all was fine again. And believe or not, the little one has not tried to climb the ladder. It's been about 3 weeks now and no further troubles (knock on wood!). In the words of the almighty and annoying Dora "we did it!"  

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